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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 28, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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it's tuesday, july 28th. before we look at the forecast and traffic with kim, let's look at the top stories. will this work? will more money put more police on the streets helping end the violent nights in baltimore? new details about michael jackson's death and now the investigation is really focusing in on his doctor. and of all places, raleigh-durham, north carolina, seven men under arrest for plotting to export terrorism. those stories and more just ahead. thank you for joining us. let's look at the weather with justin berk. good morning. >> good morning. straight up 6:00. we've got ourselves a very warm setup. in fact a little muggy this morning. i want to take you back to stevenson where we have a little fog. and we had a shower last night roll through carroll and northern baltimore county. and there may be fog in those spots that got that overnight rain bath. we got 70 degrees now in stevenson. also in cockeysville and churchville. 73 parkville. on the bottom side of the beltway, 73 glen burnie. we're clear now on maryland's
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most powerful doppler radar but a partly sunny sky will give way to just an isolated storm this afternoon. 89 is going to come with some sticky humidity and it's going to feel warmer than that but we'll actually increase our chance of rain as we head through tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. if you have not heard yet, it's kim brown's birthday. >> thank you. traffic lights still out in the baltimore county area, probably from yesterday's storms. you can expect to see the lights not working at the baltimore national pike and the intersection at ingleside avenue. franklin avenue and church street and west padonia road and broad avenue, traffic lights not working, treat it as a four-way stop. and jumpers hole road and route 2 in pasadena, that accident cleared. no problems on the beltway's top side through the timonium area down through to about towson. here on the east side of the outer loop no problems to let you know about between whitemarsh boulevard and harford road. and on the west side of the outer loop, looking good from liberty road down through to about route 70 interchange.
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95 southbound as you approach whitemarsh boulevard, traffic building some but no delays at this time. it's looking good to start the commute this morning. back to you. 6:01. 12 people shot at a barbecue in baltimore and investigators turned their investigation to one of the victims. they are trying to find the suspect. 12 people, we're talking about a pregnant woman and 2-year-old girl, they were among those shot during this cookout in the backyard of a home on ashland avenue. now police have not released the names of the victims except for one of them. steven blackwell. he's 25 years old, faced charges of attempted murder in the past and members of his family have been suspects or victims in several other crimes. police say the shooting was premeditated. the city police commissioner expressed frustration that investigations targeting blackwell have not produced results. >> we are concerned about the pace and progress of some of these investigations and we're
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going to do everything we can to speed those efforts along, and to put these guys out of business just as expeditiously as possible. >> how are you going to do that? the commissioner announced a large-scale increase in police deployments in east baltimore including 37 additional officers working foot patrols. 20 more detectives and platoon of 12 s.w.a.t. team officers. this news is especially welcome. >> the federal government is giving more money to baltimore and other cities to keep officers on patrol. abc2 news sherrie johnson has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this morning governor martin o'malley heads to philadelphia to find out about baltimore receiving federal aid money to keep more police on the streets. the announcement will come from vice president joe biden and attorney general eric holder. in light of the violent weekend in baltimore city where more than 23 people were shot this money comes at a really good time. it's called the community oriented policing services program or c.o.p.s. over 7,000 cities applied for
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it. baltimore is one of over a thousand cities actually selected to receive this money. the obama administration will give out $1 billion in aid to help cities and states keep police on the street during this tough economic downturn. for every dollar delivered another $7 in requests will ununanswered -- go unanswered under the program. cities in florida, california, utah and west virginia will also be a part of this program. four major cities including new york and pittsburgh were denied funding. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. tough story to tell you about. relatives remember a mother of two shot and killed this past weekend. last night hundreds of family members and friends gathered in the parking lot of the clubhouse bar in baltimore to say goodbye to shonte ellis who was shot while sitting in the driver's seat of her parked car. witnesses say she was texting when the gunman walked up, opened the door, shot her over
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and over again. she leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. >> he say grandma, they didn't have to do this to my mother. they could have put her in the hospital for a couple of days but they didn't have to kill her! >> whoever, did not have to shoot her 10 times in the chest because i could never imagine in my wildest dreams what could she have done so wrong they never even gave her a chance. >> this morning police are still looking for the gunman. co-workers of a taxi driver killed in a crash in north baltimore are starting a fund to help out his family. longtime cab driver harvey braggs killed sunday night. witnesses say several cars were driving at a high rate of speed as he was making a u turn. he was an independent contractor who worked with diamond cab. >> it's hard to believe, and
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it's a shock for the company, the whole company, entire company. we have a big shock. >> witnesses yesterday on "good morning maryland" told us they believe the cars that slammed into bragg's taxi were drag racing. we still don't know the names of the three people killed in a crash yesterday involving a street sweeper in baltimore county. happened in whitemarsh on honeygo boulevard near the whitemarsh mall. police say the car turned in the path of a a street sweeper. the driver of the machine wasn't seriously injured. claims of homegrown terrorism. seven north carolina men accused of military-style training as well as planning a series of terror attacks overseas. more on this federal indictment. >> reporter: the fbi is calling it a homegrown terror plot. seven north carolina men are charged with supporting terrorism and conspiring to commit murder abroad. the fbi raided the rural home of the alleged ringleader, 39-year-old daniel boyd. the indictment accuses him of
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recruiting his two sons and four other men, mostly americans in their 20s. neighbors say they are bewildered. >> it's scary. that makes me nervous for my children. i spoke with him on several occasions and never was there a idea he was involved in something like that. >> reporter: according to the indictment boyd went to pakistan and afghanistan and received military-style training in terrorist training camps for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad. it also says he fought the soviets in dwans. >> the recruitment both into radical jihadist movements as well as homegrown terrorists who want to attack us in the united states. the real problem is how do you figure out who they are? >> reporter: last week a 26-year-old long island man was charged with joining al-qaeda, attacking u.s. soldiers in afghanistan, and giving al-qaeda details about the new york transit system. and the fbi is investigating why more than 20 young men of
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somali descent from minneapolis and other u.s. cities have gone to wage jihad in somalia. the fbi says the north carolina men raised money and were wig to die as martyrs. >> the men are not accused of plotting attacks in the united states but u.s. officials fear young men like these could soon begin to direct their attacks at home. abc news, washington. here's the latest on the investigation into the death of michael jackson. a law enforcement official says authorities believe that michael jackson's personal physician gave the pop star the drug that took his life. the lawyer for dr. conrad murray denies any wrongdoing. investigators believe jackson may have been taking a powerful drug over a two-year period that eventually caused his heart to stop. more on this story coming up on "good morning america." president obama tries to play peacemaker in the fierce debate that followed a controversial arrests. an administration official says the president is going to share a beer with cambridge,
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massachusetts police sergeant james crowley and harvard scholar louis gates. gates was investigated after a suspected burglary at his home. police found no burglars and it escalated with gates eventually being handcuffed. president obama drew criticism when he said police acted stupidly. he later said both sides overreacted. 6:09. michael vick says he's grateful to nfl commissioner roger goodell for giving him a second chance to play again. the nfl commissioner announced he's conditionably reinstating the former atlanta falcons quarterback after he was suspended for having a dogfighting operation at his home. vick can now take part in preseason practices as soon as he finds a team that wants to sign him. when the season begins vick can take part in all the team activities except for games. his full reinstatement will be considered in october. baltimore county native
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michael phelps qualified for the 200-meter freestyle at the world championships in rome. he came in second place in the race yesterday morning. phelps set the world record for the event at last year's beijing olympics. he won his first gold medal at the world championships sunday. swimming the first leg for the american 400 freestyle relay. orioles. you come home after a rough road trip where you won two games to face a pitcher who hasn't won a game this year against the worst team in the american league. bruce chen wobbled. adam jones hit one in the bottom of the first but rich hill was outdueled by bruce chen. can you believe it? >> i cannot. >> rich hill after the game wept in and talked to the media and said he apologized for his performance last night. orioles lose 5-3. watch this. boom. give me the bullpen right now.
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>> ok. >> got to show life, man, at the ballpark. come on, let's go. all of us should know about the potential health costs of obesity. >> a new study sheds more light on the dollar cost of our nation's overweight epidemic. plus, surprise delivery puts the brakes on a morning commute. we'll explain. 6:11. we got no problems weatherwise this morning. a little humid. we'll expect partly sunny skies. we'll talk about the hot sticky conditions coming up. right now let's see what's happening on the roads, the birthday girl, kim. >> no delays to let you know about 95 southbound headed towards whitemarsh boulevard. all around the beltway we're incident-free at this time. we'll be right back. having a problem with odors?
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atlanta on its way to becoming the first city in the nation to eliminate all its large public housing projects. for 15 years housing for more than a million low income families gradually replaced with higher rent properties. advocates for the poor worry not enough subsidized housing remains and that thousands of families are being forced to live on the streets. traffic backups are caused by a lot of things, car accidents, road work, but here's one you really don't hear with, dealing with your morning commute. a woman and her husband tide up
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traffic because she was having a baby. both mom and baby are doing just fine. the little girl was appropriately named cecilia freeway. you love it? >> i love it. >> isn't that cute? >> it's pretty cute. i likes it. 6:15. we're looking at 70 degrees this morning. we dropped a little in the baltimore area. 68 easton. 63 york. that is actually a sign, that we've actually pulled out the overnight clouds. that means a little more sun but a little more sun could actually make it a little more sticky as we head through this afternoon. back up 12 hours, we had pretty long line of storms coming from the coastal beaches all the way down through central north carolina. this is the line of storms that we did expect to be closer to home. thankfully we actually missed out on it. we got beneficial rains in southern maryland and we had one shower roll through there about 10:00 in carroll county, northern baltimore county, making for a little fog this morning.
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the high clouds pushing through and we'll have sun. partly sunny skies, there's still a lot of humidity that will bubble up clouds. our forecast model calling 3:30, around the bay, popping up showers this afternoon but they will be isolated. more widespread showers expected by 3:00 tomorrow lasting through tomorrow evening. so we could have heavy rain for the second half of tomorrow and watch it just repeat the pattern as we head through thursday and friday. it's going to be warm and sticky, 89 degrees, with just an isolated shower near the bay. we settle back to 73. so, yes, it remains muggy overnight. just a few scattered showers because a more widespread system begins to move in tomorrow and better chance of rain with a high temperature of only 85. remember, you can catch us on line at to check out the latest interactive doppler radar. 6:16. here's kim. >> thank you. as we check around our area we're actually off to a fantastic start to the tuesday commute. no real issues to let you know about on the beltway. however, in baltimore county we do have several traffic lights that are not working in some pretty significant intersections. one, the baltimore national
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pike at ingleside avenue. franklin boulevard and church road. and in cockeysville, west padonia road and brought avenue. treat them as four-way stops, shouldn't causing problem. s. southbound on the jfx, northern parkway to north avenue, no incidents. and no problems at the tunnels at this time. looking here at the cameras, this is 95 southbound down through howard county towards the capitol beltway. we just have building volume but no problems right now. back to you. we're on the roads, we're getting ready for work, when was the last time though you rolled up your sleeves and help somebody out and didn't ask for a dime back? >> it's called volunteering. nicolea gorein has volunteered to get up early this morning and tell us good news. she's with the federal agency that looks for raised hands. in this economy, nicola, are people in baltimore volunteering? in our community? >> yes. the good news in baltimore is volunteering is going strong. in fact volunteering in
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baltimore, you've moved up three spots to the 21 slot among the 51 largest cities over 600 thousand people volunteered. the interesting thing is we're seeing this trend nationally but in baltimore particularly interest was a -- there was a significant increase in the number of people reaching out to solve community problems. >> i take charitable giving is down. so instead of giving an organization $5,000 maybe i'll give 5,000 hours. sometimes it's even better, don't you find? >> charitable giving is down but volunteering is remaining strong. our studies showed that people who volunteer are more likely than people who don't volunteer to make the charitable donations. so it's a double bonus. >> are there trends in volunteering? certainly things people are doing now as opposed to other areas where it might be lacking? >> well, as i said, across the country we're seeing in this
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-- particularly in this economy people more likely to reach out to their neighbors to solve community problems in their neighborhoods. we're also seeing a continuing trend of young adults leading the way in volunteering. the number of young adults is rising year over year. and at the same time we have nonprofits who are struggling in the economy and are taking a fresh look at volunteers as a way to get their work done and meet community needs. >> do you find students are required to volunteer in order to graduate high school, are they continuing to volunteer after they graduate? >> the stud isshow if you start young, starting volunteering at a young age, even in situations where it's part of the curriculum, actually is an on-ramp to a lifetime of volunteering. we encourage people to get out and volunteer early and often. >> thank you so much for volunteering to tell us about it this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> remember, for more information on helping others and getting involved check out this web site, it's
6:20 am you can also get there by clicking on our web site, if you didn't get it. and we're giving an opportunity to help at abc2. just 10 days away, rob and megan tie the knot but before that they want to help baltimore's women in need. >> it's pretty cool. it's called the shower of hope. it's a way to help out. we hope you will. it's benefiting a place called my place which helps disabled homeless women get permanent housing. it's through the ywca as well as the united way. they need all sorts of products since they are providing housing for people, sheets, cleaning products, toilet brushes, you name it, they need every single thing. so it doesn't have to be really expensive. you can go to any target store. we put up a regsty for my place but to make it easy they put it under the pringle and carlin registry. you can drop it off at a number
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different locations. carroll and harford counties, there are also locations. they need your help. go to and click on the "gmm" tab. a great way to help the community, women in need. tongue-tied. fighting off the swine flu virus. >> we're going to tell you what schools are doing to ensure no major outbreaks happen this year. and a new way for police to subdue out of control suspects but first, let's look at the latest in business news. let's go to new york. vanita niar is standing by. >> good morning. topping your "moneyscope." report. more evidence that the housing market is rebounding. a report is expected to indicate home prices in major cities are falling at a slower pace. new numbers on monday showed sales of new homes jumped 11% last month. the biggest monthly gain since 2000 and much better than economists expected.
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>> this has been a sector of the u.s. economy that has been a drag on the u.s. economy for almost four years now. the fact it's moving into positive territory, that's a significant shift, momentum for the u.s. economy. >> reporter: homes are selling better because prices tumbled and builders are offering incentives. the monthslong slide in gas prices is over. prices at the pump rose 4 cents in the past week to an average of $2.50. analysts say rising old prices are to blame. the head of the auto task force says the government plans to sell its stake in general motors and chrysler as quickly as possible. that could be as soon as next year, at least for part of gm shares. the government owns 61% of the new gm and 8% of chrysler. bank of america is planning to shrink its network of 6,100 branches. "the wall street journal" is reporting the bank will close about 10% of its branches. the big reason for the cuts, change in customer preferences. most people are doing their
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banking on-line or by cell phone. verizon wireless claims to have the nation's most reliable network and now it's asking a judge to back that claim. verizon asked a federal court to rule that advertisements are truthful and accurate. at & t is challenging the ads saying verizon invented a new formula for calculating reliability. your pharmacy could be switching your drugs and you wouldn't even know it. how to find out if you're getting the real thing. that is on gma and that is your "moneyscope report." i'm vanita niar.
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good morning. 6:25. we have a warm muggy start to the day. temperatures in the low 70s for the most part and partly sunny to mostly sunny skies, will carry us into the afternoon, just an isolated thundershower, two-degree guarantee of 89. tomorrow, showers and storms, looks like they will continue into thursday and friday, then upper 80s to near 90. mid-80s over the weekend. pretty much the same forecast each day. just a slight variation on temperatures. 6:26 now. back to the birthday girl. i hear a free pass to the roads. no ticket. you just can't drive to prove it. >> i am waiting for you to start singing. any time you get ready let's do that. we have a good commute. no problems to let know about on the beltway. you know it's a but morning when the only thing i really to v to tell you about is traffic lights out. still baltimore national pike at ingleside and franklin boulevard and church road and west padonia road and broad avenue. the intersections remain without traffic lights.
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treat them as a four-way stop. bw parkway at the 695 intersection, on the southbound side traffic slowing just a little, just building volume as you make your way southbound towards the dc area at this time. back to you. most criminals try to conceal their weapon. >> but one accused bandit left very little to the imagine nation. that story coming up.
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